For all you poor people who came across the strange lingo of an Otaku, and was unable to find at least a translation. Well, here's a start-off guide to help you guys survive in those wild anime get-togethers!

The Incomplete List of Basic Words and Phrases* **:

Otaku=(n.)Basically a name for an anime fan.
Ecchi=(adj.) pervert.
Hentai= (adj.) This is another word for a pervert, but mainly for extreme cases.
Kawaii= (adj.) Cute.
Kowai=(adj.) Scary.
Osuwari= (act.)Sit.
Bishounen=(n.) An attractive boy
Bishojo=(n) An attractive girl.
Yosh= Alright.
Sensei= (n.) Teacher/Master.
Kendo= The art of Fencing.
Kitsune= (n.) Fox.
Neko=(n.) Cat.
Inu= (n.)Dog.
Shogun=(n.) A feudal military ruler of japan.
Rurouni/Rounin=(n.) A vagabond/Masterless samurai/Wanderer.
Sake=(n.)Japanese rice wine.
Gaijin= (n.)Foreign Devil
Shinobi=(n.) Another name for a ninja.
Oni=(n.)A japanese ogre.
Miko=(n.) A japanese priestess.
Hitokiri=(n.)An Assasin.
Baka=(adj.) Moron/Idiot.
Ganbare= Hang in there.
Daijobu desu ka?=Are you okay?
Watashi wa____= My name is _____
Atashi wa= I'm (female)
Ore wa= I'm (male).
Sakura= (n.)Cherry blossoms.
Ni-san=(n.)Older brother
Ototo=(n.)Younger brother
Onii-san=(n.)Older sister.
-san=Usually used after a name*. Carries the meaning of 'Mr.', 'Mrs.','Miss'....etc.
-kun= Used in modern-day Japan, usually used on guys in familiar terms.
-dono=(Just when you think "-san" is too respectful...) "-dono" is much more formal.
-sama= Lord/lady.
-chan= Usually used for girls and the younger folks, or to indicate affection.
Gomen= Sorry.
Gomen Nasai=I'm very sorry.

*This is incomplete since there are many more phrases to be found and translated, I'd very much appreciate it if anybody makes it easier by emailing me more examples of the japanese language and culture.
** I hope you noticed that all of these words and phrases came from the Japanese language, just in case you didn't know!